Lazarus is a no-stick shooter designed to bring the blistering action of the best shooters to your iPad with no compromised controls.

Also, it’s the game about a robotic Pug in space.

Save the entire universe from its fate - kill all the bad guys!

Destroy the marauding hordes of the Drone Fleet, as they attack in endless numbers and with infinite malice. You will die, but you can always come back for more - in fact, that’s the whole point! Take as many of them down as you can, and then start over again with a better ship!

Meet friendly AI pets - the only other survivors of the planetary, nay INTERGALACTIC apocalypse,

and use their secret powers to aid you in your quest to bring life back to the universe!


You’re the last human alive in existence, but your robotic AI pet buddies are there to help! PUG loves shooting, PANDA loves money, and KITTEH is so lazy she just swats enemies down without thinking - harness their unique powers to dominate the alien threat!


Everything in the game, including your ship, guns and powerups - can be levelled up. Simply shoot down some bad guys and collect the coins they leave, then spend them on making your gun shoot better, your bullets split in two, turn your ship invincible for a while or just buy a ton of coins in the shop and upgrade it all!


Use the most intuitive control scheme ever devised to dodge incoming bullets and return fire with deadly accuracy at the same time. Use two fingers, or just one - we don’t care, you’re guaranteed to have tons of fun either way!

Game Features:

  • 5 AI companions to upgrade!
  • Endless shooting action!
  • Powerups & tricks to buy, upgrade, and use on your hapless foe!
  • Screen-searing visuals brought to you by the Unreal Engine!
  • Designed specifically to be AMAZING on the iPad family!