If I was to tell you we switched online SDK as well as reworking our entire menu system this week, you’d no doubt be all like “Surely you can’t be serious” and I’d be all like “Don’t call me Shirley.”

But it’s the truth! the biggest thing you’ll notice is, of course, the new front end. We’ve redone the entire thing from top to bottom and it’s looking fantastic even if I do say so myself. Clean, clear, a bit 80’s, a touch arcadey, but above all very Tango Fiesta indeed.

Dat splash screen!

This kind of spit and polish extends all the way to the character and weapon select screens which we’ve gone for a bit of a Top Trumps/collectible cards vibe. Retro yes, but also damn nice looking. We’ve changed how the stats are shown too, so make sure you get studying the differences between all the guns.

Dat collectible-card-style character select screen!

But the biggest thing for us is getting over the hump with the online functionality. We’ve solved two of the biggest bugs that were preventing people a) join reliably and b) host more than one game without rebooting the game. These are problems no longer, but in the process we’ve had to knock the actual gameplay back a few steps in online. All the features are still there, but the way we handle the packets is different now and needs plenty of work. Work we will get done sooner rather than later, but fair warning - it’s a bit of a mess in there at the moment!

A bit of explosive action… we’ve done a LOT over the last 3 weeks to improve the fundamentals. We hope you enjoy them tweaks!

For the usual big old list of work we’ve done this week, lay your eyes right here…


- Added new theme music

Thunder roll intro(!)

Let the game sit on the splash Title Screen for the full amazingness

Prepare yourselves for the album drop after launch!

- Added new Main Menu loop music

- Added new animated backgrounds for the menus

- Users can now choose any world or theme for online play.


- Fixed hosting bug where you were unable to host a new game, if you had previously hosted a game with other players in it

- Fixed numerous collision issues with gameplay and objectives

- Fixed input manager context-key detection when using different input methods

- Attract mode now delays when detecting mouse movement

- Game Volume is now set and activated [b]before[/b] the title music starts playing (no more blast-then-quiet if changed)


- Auto-refresh has now been disabled in lobby browser

It was redundant/borderline annoying with the new SDK

Still just hit ‘R’ to refresh manually

- SFX Settings and tweaks implemented

- SFX Files updated.

- Most music tracks in the game have been rebalanced, tweaked and added to:

Island theme

Island Boss theme

Jungle theme

Jungle Boss theme

Killionaire theme

- Bionic Cop stats have been rebalanced a little

- Entire overhaul of all the front-end (non-gameplay) UI in the game

- Attract mode videos now only play when on the entry splash screen

- Improved collision and physics. You no longer get stuck on the level boundaries.

- Lobby authentication & verification when joining lobbies streamlined.

- Character select is now improved with new assets and streamlined.

- Removed old steam SDK integration, and replaced with Ludosity Steamworks SDK.


- Keyboard and mouse gameplay is a bit temperamental at the moment, we’re working on a fix.

- Mac build is struggling with inputs on the menus. If anyone has any insight please do let us know on the forums!

- Client gameplay in online matches is very laggy and lossy. We’re working on it though!

- Player parachute/drop in at level start is broken (you can still play obvs!)

The next thing we’re doing is… well there’s more than one thing obviously. We’re implementing some story tech (and hopefully in the next update you’ll get a taster!), we’re prepping the final world’s content (it’s gonna be totally bionic!), and we’re fixing up the controls, MAC build and online functionality. It should be a [b]very[/b] different game in a fortnight’s time! f course if we get some serious progress made in enhancing the online gameplay we’ll drop the update early.

Wish us luck!


We want your suggestions and ideas for achievements! Drop them in this public doc, and share with your mates so we can get the best 80’s goodness! 

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Wax on, wax off. Not only is that timeless advice from Mr Miyagi applicable to mastering martial arts, but is also how we buff Tango Fiesta into a wonderful polished sheen for you.

As mentioned last week, from tomorrow and all weekend long, we’re showing Tango Fiesta at the Eurogamer Expo at Earl’s Court in London. We’ve therefore chosen to shift some of our focus to polish and bugs in the game that aren’t directly associated with networking. Needless to say it’s been a lot of fun, and the game’s come on leaps and bounds in the last few days!

Bodies, blood and bullet casings now stick around! What a battlefield!

So we’re heading to Eurogamer Expo from tomorrow for four solid days of gaming goodness! We found out pretty late that we had a spot, so it’s been a last-minute adjustment to get things ready. I’ve checked the booths, installed the game, and we’re ready to go. This update is a pretty huge one, and just to share a bit of the EGX fun with anyone out there not able to come along to the show, we’ve left in a little nod to the event in the Killionaire levels.

Killionaire gets a temporary themed makeover!


- Added new arena for Killionaire boss fights.

- Permanence. Bullet casings, blood, bodies and scorch marks all stick around long after you’ve finished dealing justice!

- New attract mode added, if no input detected, trailers start playing until input is detected

- 100+ new rooms added to the level generation system between Killionaire & Ghoul Squad

- New props added for Killionaire

- Pickups are now magnetised, and will attract to you when nearby


- Fixed issue with the pathfinding system getting a bit confused and giving the same path to multiple enemies.

- Fixed issue with enemies not always responding, or moving, when they were supposed to.

- Fixed issue with getting stuck on rocks and the like.

- Fixed UI layering issues with interactions, reviving and progress bars

- Bullets no longer collide with dead, or downed, enemies

- Join in progress issues now fixed.

- Grenades now work against Bosses

- Fixed movement issues with Ghouls in Ghoul Squad.

- Ghoul deathsplosion now causes damage

- Fixed weapon positioning and layering

- Fixed aiming direction (again)

- Fixes to level generation bugs, which would cause levels to get stuck on 80-90% generation

- Fixed offset to objective markers and radio tower beacon


- The loading screen no-longer auto jumps to level. Now requires user input to go past that screen

- Banners updated in Killionaire for EGX

- Join in progress prompts now updated to use correct new assets.

- Updated objective room layout mapping, objectives no longer overlap each other

- Various enemy behaviours have been updated.

- Updated level generation configs

- Various prop settings updated

- Reduced the size of levels Jungle-2 and Jungle-3 


- Occasional overlap of generic rooms with Spawn Room in Killionaire.

The next fortnight will not be cut short, and will see us focusing once more on the online side of the game. Fingers crossed we can get to the root of the hosting issues… because once we have, we’re on the home stretch!

See you in a re-run…



Finding a look / feel for your game


I was recently asked my opinion on how to go about creating a “look” when making a new game. Now, I should point out I am by no means an expert, nor is there a right or a wrong way of doing this but here are some of the ways that I tend to go about this process.

Choose your digital medium

Our wonderful Tango Fiesta artist Ewan writes a post all about how to develop a style for your game!

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Somewhere… somehow… someone’s going to pay. We just hope it’s not us.

A massive apology this week - we’re unable to release our weekly patch!

We were planning on dropping in so much great content, but a couple of crippling and very unexpected issues have meant we just don’t think we can release the update in its current - very untested - state.

I’ve done a video diary this week anyway seeing as I didn’t get a chance to last week (thanks Gamescom! Thanks broken PC’s!) and you can watch it above to see what we’ve been up to…


So what’s been plaguing us this week?

One issue has come about through our decision to update the weapon system. The aim (Get it? Aim!) was to make it more future proof, and allow us to be more generous/stronger/ better/faster with new weapons for you to play with in the future, and we just haven’t had the time to iron out all the wrinkles. Because the weapon system is used by the player, the enemies and some bosses, it would affect everyone all the time if we released it in a sub-par state, and that’s just not cool.

The main reason for this being unfinished is our second bug. Basically, the Mac build refused to work and we had to spend about two solid days figuring out why. It was a bit of a nightmare, but we had to do it because half of our dev team runs OSX, and they were unable to do any useful work without it. Not only that, but you guys running the game on what is already not-quite-parity with PC would have been very unhappy. So again, not releasing until that was fixed was paramount.

It has been fixed though, which is great but…

…this OSX build bug has done is mean we couldn’t polish the weapon system off properly, and again because it’s so integral, we don’t want to plop it in your lap without at least the amount of testing we do internally on other features.

What I’m hoping this means is that next week should be a bit of a bumper week - we’ve got lots done and very nearly ready to show in the downtime we’ve had, but it’s so frustrating because we just haven’t had the normal time we’d expect to implement it all to a satisfactory level.

I’m really gutted about this. It’s the first time we’ve simply said ‘no’ to our normal weekly schedule since we launched on Early Access 13 weeks ago, but we hope you’re all having fun playing as Dr Henk and throwing Molotov Cocktails around in the meantime.

Our sincerest apologies, and see you next week.

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May or may not be in the latest Tango fiesta update :D

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Episode 2 of Series 2, this is our second patch video since launch, introducing a brand new boss as well as tons of tweaks to every gun and the combat system, various bug fixes and more. Have a watch!


We’ve added a brand new boss for the Jungle levels!

After working long and hard on tweaking combat and every single weapon in the game, plus various bug fixes, tweaks and community-suggested changes, we decided it was time to unleash Queen Yatcha on you wonderful lot!

Currently only available in singleplayer or local multiplayer (we’re still facing some troubles with all bosses in Online play), Yatcha Queen is from a race so damn ugly that they invented stealth suits! She’s too vain to use one though, so expect some other tricks up her sleeve!

We’re also aware that there is some kind of sneaky bug in Jungle that seems to occasionally affect the frame rate. We’re hunting it down right now, apologies for the issue but we didn’t want it to stop us from delivering on our weekly update promise!



- New audio sting at the start of boss fights

- Updated Boss Intros

- Added new particle systems

- Objective Destroyed Smoke

- Blood gib effects on enemy damage

- Aura effect for medkit and ammo pickups

- Explosion effects

- New Boss! Yatcha Queen, boss of the Jungle (offline only for now)

- New Boss UI showing boss name & Health bar

- You can now re-select your weapons after a boss fight, for the next world (Offline only for now)


- Increased the size of the Hunters in the jungle level.

- Updated spawn routine of the hunters

- Restarting a mission now takes you to the first stage of that world, instead of back to Coastal

- Modified accuracy and damage on Hunter weaponry

- Updated Weapons - New rates of fire and damage on almost every gun in the game

- Updated collision accuracy for bullets

- Increased speed of all player bullets, reduced lifespans

- Matrix 80 Accuracy reduced

- Gordon boss music updated

- Grenade radius and damage reduced.

- Grenade knockback increased

- SFX Tweaked

- Gordon’s Knife attacks now do less damage

- Restarting the game now restarts from the current world, not the game

- Updated level generation algorithms to be more optimal


- Fixed online movement collision

- Score display no longer resets between worlds

- Fixed mission intro prompt displaying wrong mission for Jungle 3

- Fixed issue where hunters weren’t being recycled correctly, causing them to get stuck

- Fixed objective huts in the jungle not changing art asset when destroyed.

- Fixed legs in the jungle, which would sometimes stay invisible when not in bushes.

- Fixed music playback issues

- Fixed hunters sometimes laughing forever before they die

- Fixed issue where enemies killed in the last stages of the previous levels would carry over into the next level, doing their best impression of strobe lighting

- Fixed issue with the camera zoom not resetting when breaking focus

- Fixed issue where level progression online would break

Known Issues:

- Bosses do not work online, we make the game skip them

- Clients seem not to have any HUd info other than objective- and player-arrows after the second level

- After Jungle-3, you will land back in the lobby. We’d love to say starting a new game from there work 100%, but it doesn’t. Give it a go though!

- Clients do not see chat in the Lobby on game-loop

We also had a few issues reported and updated with a Patch 6.5, containing the following fixes:

- Keyboard & mouse players can now interact with the inter-world level select screen without any issues, so you guys can all progress through the game properly now! - We’ve fixed smoke columns at destroyed objectives so it doesn’t linger into the next level. - Shotgunner Enemies were travelling at crazily high speeds once players progressed beyond Yatcha Queen and into the New Game Plus loop. Now fixed! Enemies still get harder on successive game loops, but are no longer doing impresions of The Flash.

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Be careful.. i don't wanna lose this baby...


Ok, lets talk co-op.

as many of you know, one of the biggest and easily one of the most fun additions to Rebirth is local single screen co-op.. and here is how it works.

when you are playing isaac, a friend/mom/soul mate can join you by pressing start on the 2nd controller (or 1st controller if…

Co-op is a great addition to any action game, can’t wait!

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Our brand new launch trailer! Featuring our first Boss & several brand spanking new game mechanics :D

A very proud day today…

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Still needs more work but a good start I think. Melee swipe with dust cloud - hoping to get this into Tango Fiesta’s first or second update maybe?

loving this :D


Still needs more work but a good start I think. Melee swipe with dust cloud - hoping to get this into Tango Fiesta’s first or second update maybe?

loving this :D

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Brand new trailer - and a launch date of 4th June on Steam Early Access!

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